Create a Cozy Fall Home (No Orange Pumpkins Required)


I love fall. The crisp, chilly air means I get to dig out my favorite sweaters from the back of the closet. My ice cube feet always get to be tucked away inside the cutest boots. I can eat hot soup every day. Coffee comes in more decedent flavors. And the best TV shows are on.  

Even though I enthusiastically celebrate fall’s arrival every year, I don’t usually decorate for it. I’m not one to stockpile seasonal and holiday decor that gets used for a month, and is then packed back into a box for the other 11. (If that’s what gets you into the spirit of the season, then by all means carry on! It’s just not my thing.)

In our house we like to get the most use possible out of all the things we own. I don’t buy pieces of decor unless I really love them, so I don’t want them to spend most of their time in storage. I want them to be around me, so I can enjoy them.

Also, thanks to our selective purchasing habits, I feel like we have the beginnings of a pretty well curated home, and I’ve always thought traditional fall decor (i.e.: bright orange pumpkins) would kind of throw off the vibe! 

That being said, this year I fell in love with the peach and gray-green pumpkins that I’m sure you’ve been seeing everywhere too. I brought some home, and they inspired me to change things up a little bit.

Since fall is the season when staying home and taking it easy is where it’s at, I set out to make our home even more cozy and inviting than usual. All it took was a few subtle changes. They blend with our style and will last well into the spring. 

If you’re not big on traditional fall decor either, but still want to embrace the season and make your space feel a little more festive, maybe you will find these ideas to be helpful. And even if you are a self proclaimed holiday decor hoarder they will probably still appeal to you!

For even more ideas check out the Cozy Fall Home Pinterest board that I created. )



The most important step for getting our home fall ready was creating layers of warmth and comfort that we can snuggle into while we are binging on Netflix. 

I wanted to make sure our coziest blankets would be within reach, so I stacked these wood crates to create blanket storage, and draped a few others from around the house over all of our seating. 

TIP: If you’re buying for fall (and winter), look to your wardrobe for material inspiration. Think chunky cable knits, flannel, fur, buttery leather, and soft velvet. 




I traded our patterned linen pillow covers, that are better suited for spring and summer, for softer ones in warm colors. Mustard Yellow is my favorite fall hue. I also love deep blues, greens and purples.

TIP: I don’t buy throw pillows anymore. I’ve accumulated a bunch of ugly ones over the years, and now I order inexpensive covers from Amazon to easily update their looks. 



One of my favorite things about fall is that the house can always smell like fresh baked treats just came out of the oven. In my opinion you can’t overdo on delicious scents like cinnamon, apple, maple, and salted caramel. 

TIP: Have you ever burned a candle with a wooden wick? They crackle like a fire. It’s the coolest thing. My favorites are Sweater Weather (smells like cinnamon, but also somehow smells like snow) from Woodfire Candle Company, and Netflix and Chill (smells like delicious caramel corn, but you know I bought it because of the name!) from Whiskey Wicks.



My homebodies sign proves that fall artwork doesn’t have to say anything about fall or have pumpkins on it. 

TIP: You can play up the cozy fall vibe with signs like this one that celebrate the slowing down of life, and encourage relaxation. ( See the TumbleWeed Art & Craft signs I think are perfect for fall.) 



Above all else nature still offers up the best fall decor. Pumpkins grow in all different shades. I’m obsessed with these ones and how seamlessly they fit into our style. I clipped a few of my favorite flowers from our yard and put them in this pitcher where they dried and will look perfect for however long I want. And of course firewood is a naturally rustic accent that is also a necessity for colder weather. Nothing is as cozy as a crackling fire.  

TIP: Firewood looks cool when you stack it or put it in a basket next to the fireplace, but be on the lookout for creepy crawlies. Spiders, centipedes, weird flies. All things I’ve squashed next to the wood pile!



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